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John Aaron Smith

Astrology has been a fascination for me since I as six when my grandfather father first introduced me to the power of numbers.  Since then, my journey has been in researching, learning and guiding people on the path to discovery.  Let my astrological predictions guide you in your life’s destiny!

R. Lilly

I specialize in tarot and astrology, with skills that have been handed down to me from my great grand mother, grand mother and my mother.  We are a generation of psychics with the ability to sense what many are unable to and help those who need our guidance.  Let my tarot readings guide you to help you with your decisions, so they can guide you on the path you are to take.

G. Zirkle

I specialize in numerology and astrology, and studied in England, India and the USA.  I started my journey when I was 16 and have been devoted to this field ever since.  We are all born with a destiny, and my job is to help you understand yours.

David Parker

My talents are in palm reading and astrology.  I started astronomy at university and then soon l discovered my life path was to  help others reading the stars in a different way.  Many of my clients visit me every year for their year ahead forecast which I provide in an accurate and in depth forecast.  I hope you enjoy the services I have provided for you on this website and that they too help you navigate the year ahead.


Since I was a child, I was aware of the unique gift I posses and this realized by my aunt who specialized in crystal ball reading.  My specialty is tarot, astrology and manifestation. I am a light worker and spiritual advisor. All readings are undertaken with the intention of communicating with the highest good of an individual to help align the with their life path purpose.

A. Dennett

With a focus on Clairvoyance, Tarot and Astrology, I use my insights to inspire you, clear any blockages and help to move you forward. As a skillful and intuitive practitioner, I call on proven techniques to achieve clarity, heal and replenish the spirit. Showing you the next opportunity for growth in areas of your life that are most needed.  Let my 15 years of dedicated training and experience help you with my powerful and accurate readings.