Since 2001, Free Tarot Readings have been providing free tarot readings online and in person.

Our team of talented psychics specializes in various areas of psychic services, including astrology, tarot, numerology, lightwork and more.

As the internet started to evolve, so did our clients requirements to have their needs met, they were looking for online services that could help them when they needed that help. When clients need answers to questions most pressing.

Over ten years ago, we started to meet with software developers and internet guru’s to help us to offer what our clients wanted. Not an easy task to take centuries of learning and abilities and transfer that to software. And while, naturally this is not possible, we are able to take the learning and build this into software. This is an ongoing refinement of a process. Our talented team only release an online reading, when they are convinced that it properly serves our clients in providing them with accurate readings.

Each free reading is a brief reading, and then there is a paid section for a full reading. Of course, it cost money to provide a reading and our resources. For most people a free reading is quite enough, but there are many that do want a full reading to get a full picture.

By far the largest benefit here is that you get to keep your reading as it is usually it is emailed to you. This is not possible when you come in for a reading and sit face to face with a tarot reader. The best you can get from a face to face is an audio recording, if you are lucky and a notepad of notes, again if you are lucky.

Our website has continued to evolve to provide services that clients need as technology gets better, and will continue.

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope we have been of service to you.

May your dreams grow and flourish and my our psychics be one piece of the puzzle in helping you along your way.