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Our talented psychics have worked with programmers to bring you psychic services when you need them. Our accurate psychic online services allow you to get a free reading, then delve more into details with an in-depth reading. Explore one or all 56 tarot, astrology, numerology, angel readings, palm readings, birth readings, love readings and more.

Love & Wealth Tarot Reading

Draw Five Cards & Begin Your Self Discovery... Lucy will reveal your future love life and wealth opportunities in this free reading

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Prosperity Birth Code Reading

Helps you to reclaim your destiny to wealth and abundance…by unlocking your hidden talents, and unique potential that’s lying dormant inside you.

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Tarot Card Reading

No matter your question, it is in the cards. Start your free reading now!

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Your life has been mapped out in the numbers of the universe. It is time to know what the universe has in store for you with a free reading

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The Cosmic Love Blueprint

This romantic three card Tarot reading that shines a spotlight on your special someone’s true thoughts and feelings about you.

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Universal Cheat Codes

Your Life Is About To Change Forever. Find the universal cheat codes made just for you and know how to use them. Free reading will tell you more.

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Palm Reading

Get your own psychic palm reading now by answering just a few short questions and uploading a photo of your palm... Start your free reading!

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Crystal Ball Reading

Take control of your destiny! The Biorhythm is an accurate crystal ball app that gives out dedicated daily readings, sophisticated software that includes daily insights, along with critical days, and personal advice for an entire month. Get a free reading!

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Astrology Reading

Unlock both your life and romantic destiny forecast with your own personalized Free Astrology reading.

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Soul Mate Sketch

What if you know what your soul mate actually looked like? You wouldn't waste any more time with others and only look for that person you were meant to be with.

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Psychic Love Report

Discover When, Where and How You Will Meet Your Soulmate. Free reading will amaze you!

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Moon Reading

Your FREE personalized Moon Reading explores the secret depths of your personality, relationships and true purpose in life.

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Good Spells Bring Abundance

Priestess Alice casts ancient and powerful wealth spells to help you manifest money & abundance into your life.

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Astrology Reveals Your Destiny

93% of people don't know this truth about their zodiac sign. Start your free reading to understand your destiny

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Star Path Report

See clearly for the first time what’s blocking you living your most abundant life… And the hidden opportunities you can take advantage of right now to skyrocket your happiness and success. Start your free reading and see the power of this report!

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Astrology Language Personal Forecast

It’s time to move on to more positive energy! A monthly zodiac forecast gives you the plan for the month ahead. An insight very few have. Start your free forecast

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East Meets West Astrology

Combine the knowledge of the Chinese Astrologers with the Western Astrologers and you get a powerfully accurate insight to your future. Discover How You Can Unlock Abundance each month through an In-depth Combination of Both Eastern & Western Astrology, see it in action with a free report!

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Twin Flame Tarot

The cards reveal your soul mate that is transformed in a sketch. Let the cards reveal your true love and what they look like.

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Mayan Calendar Report

The Mayans predicted many events that have occurred and using their techniques you can find out what they predict for you in a free report!

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Manifest With A Midas Touch

Manifest wealth, happiness, love, abundance and all with the power of the guidance of a manifestor who has the midas touch and they show you their secret.

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Psychic chat reading

Get a FREE Psychic Chat Reading. Reveal Your Unique Pathways and Interventions That Lead To Abundance, Prosperity, and Comfort...

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Manifest Wealth

You’re about to discover how you can activate and balance your Spiritual DNA … using a special, science-based technique that works for you effortlessly!<br /> You will have a never-before feeling of stability and security; allowing you to attract money effortlessly.

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Improve your bioenergy

Discover a strange but powerful ``switch`` that cleard away what is blocking your abundance... And turn your life around so fast it will make your head spin.

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2 Archetypes. 1 Destiny

Free Archetype Quiz Reveals Your Personality Quirks, Innate Talents, And Hidden Weaknesses

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The Miracle 33

33 “moneyless manifestors” discover hidden backdoor to ethically “loot” the infinite Bank of the Universe, every 24 hours… Discover The Fast & Effortless Wealth Attracting $ecret Of “The Miracle 33”

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Curse Removal

Free Yourself From Negative Energy & Live Your Best Life

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Numerology To Royalty

Free reading to pinpoint your great Favorable Pinnacle Period

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Solomon's Intuition Flow

3-Step Revelation Guide has helped people unearth their birthright wealth!

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Aura Tarot

Unlock Life-Changing, Enlightening, and Empowering Information in This Free Reading with Intuitive Psychic Mary Osborne

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Your True Calling Revealed

Unlock the secret to your true calling that has been hidden in your DNA

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Guardian Angels

They chose you on the day you were born. They've been watching over you all your life

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Chakra Balance Quiz

Take the QUIZ that calculates which chakra is blocked and preventing you from the things you deserve

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Wealth Talisman

Honored Taoist Mystic Will Help You Call In Money & Abundance in Just 30 Days with a hand drawn talisman

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Remove Energy Blocks

Clear Negative Energy Blocks & Re-Energize Your Life With Powerful Distance Healing

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Your Personal Frequency

Experience an unusual yet powerful frequency which will unlock a hidden nerve in your body so you can attract money, happiness, and prosperity.

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Love Spell

Get a Love Spell Cast For You by a High Priestess

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Karma Code

Remove bad Karma with the Karma Code to energize your past, present and future

Flip The Karma Switch

Free Psychic Reading

Transit psychic reading is your personalized guide on how to prepare for your major life transition ahead

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Free Tarot Reading

Unlock The Universe & Get Answers You Seek Today. In Your FREE Tarot Reading

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Love Astrology

This Astrology Secret Gets Any Man Obsessed Over You

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Spirit Animal

Your Spirit Guide Has Been Holding A Secret Message For You Since The Day You Were Born. Now The Day Has Come. Enter Your Birth Date To Connect...

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Yearly Guardian Angel

Get Celestial inspiration from your guardian angel of the current year, this year. Discover what miracles and blessings await you!

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Love Tarot Reading

Your love life is all spelt out in the love tarot cards. Get your free reading and wonder no more.

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Dream Sign Reading

Unlock The Key To Your Future By Avoiding All Misfortune... Take this opportunity to take control of your future by finding your life's true calling & soulmate

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Magickal Abilities?

Do you have magickal abilities? Yes! Discover your true Magick ``type`` Now. Take The Six Question Quiz And Find Out!

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Cosmic Compatibility?

What's Your Cosmic Compatibility? Are You And Your ``Flame`` Meant To Be? Get a personalized predictive relationship report based on an ancient code that's so accurate, it's scary!

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Tarot Card Reading

Unlock the answers to the questions that are bothering you. The cards will tell you what you need to know. Love, Money, Self Improvement, Work and Career, Family and Health, the cards will guide you

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Angel Reading

Divine Reading From The Angels. Do you know that you were assigned one or more angel since birth? You may not see them physically, but they are always there for you. And what’s more is that you can actually ‘tap’ into their powers to achieve things like…

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Abundance Reading

This Unusual Reading Will Help Remove Your Biggest Energy Blocks to Abundance

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Astral Projection

Your Chance To Experience Astral Travel. Experience An Expedition To the Fourth Dimension Where Your Every Goal and Personal Desire Are No Longer Limited By The Laws Of Earth?

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Medici Code

Unlock a the 12 keys of success from one of Italy's oldest and most famous families, a secret held for 719 years.

Discover The Medici Code

Total Money Magnetism

Successful businessmen created a quiz to help you discover what is holding you back from wealth and success, based on their own experiences.

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Rune Reading

Discover The Rune Symbol That is Most Aligned With Your Current Situation and How You Can Harness its Power To Reach Your Goals 3 to 5 Times Faster

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True Love Tarot Reading

Unlock The Romantic Secrets Of Your Past, Present And Future. Draw Three Cards To Reveal What’s Been Hidden From You In Love..

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Natal Chart

Your astrology chart reveals your destiny. It’s time you returned to your “true cosmic self” - the YOU who’s fired up with passion and overflowing with abundant energies!

Get your free chart reading now

Guardian Angel Message

If you seek guidance and insights into the past, present, and future with questions about love, relationships, or money - connect with your Angel today

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Moon Sign

This is the beginning of your new life chapter ‘power attainment.’ It all starts with your Moon Sign Profile.

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Astrology Chart

The Four Pillars of Fate is an astrology date Of birth system that can predict a person's fate from the cradle to the grave. This incredibly accurate system uses a person's date and time of birth

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Numerology Secrets

Get your very own Personalized Numerology Video Report to see the areas of your life you will want to focus on

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Prosperity Reading

Your FREE Prosperity Birth code Reading helps you to reclaim your destiny to wealth and abundance…by unlocking your hidden talents, and unique potential that’s lying dormant inside you.

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Tarot Cards Guide You In Present Decisions and Reveal The Future

They are used as a window to helping you to see what is on the way, how things could be and how you can manage a situation. The cards tell you what you ask them. The Resources of Tarot should be available to all. You have questions that need answers, and that is why getting a Free Tarot Reading will help you when you need it the most. Do not stop at tarot, we have many readings that help you with decisions that you encounter in your every day life. Come back any time you need guidance.

Since 2001, our talented psychics have been helping people answer questions an define their life path.

Tarot, Horoscope, Astrology, Palm Reading and More

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Meet Our Talented Psychics

Many people visit our site for a free tarot, numerology, angel or astrology reading and send us an email telling us how they are surprised at how accurate the readings are. Here are some of the comments from our talented psychics.

Astrology has been a fascination for me since I as six when my grandfather father first introduced me to the power of numbers.  Since then, my journey has been in researching, learning and guiding people on the path to discovery.  Let my astrological predictions guide you in your life's destiny!

John Aaron Smith - Astrologer

I specialize in tarot and astrology, with skills that have been handed down to me from my great grand mother, grand mother and my mother.  We are a generation of psychics with the ability to sense what many are unable to and help those who need our guidance.  Let my tarot readings guide you to help you with your decisions, so they can guide you on the path you are to take.

R. Lilly - Astrologer

I specialize in numerology and astrology, and studied in England, India and the USA.  I started my journey when I was 16 and have been devoted to this field ever since.  We are all born with a destiny, and my job is to help you understand yours.

G. Zirkle - Astrologer

My talents are in palm reading and astrology.  I started astronomy at university and then soon l discovered my life path was to  help others reading the stars in a different way.  Many of my clients visit me every year for their year ahead forecast which I provide in an accurate and in depth forecast.  I hope you enjoy the services I have provided for you on this website and that they too help you navigate the year ahead.

David Parker - Astrologer

Since I was a child, I was aware of the unique gift I posses and this realized by my aunt who specialized in crystal ball reading.  My specialty is tarot, astrology and manifestation. I am a light worker and spiritual advisor. All readings are undertaken with the intention of communicating with the highest good of an individual to help align the with their life path purpose.

Kenneth - Astrologer

With a focus on Clairvoyance, Tarot and Astrology, I use my insights to inspire you, clear any blockages and help to move you forward. As a skillful and intuitive practitioner, I call on proven techniques to achieve clarity, heal and replenish the spirit. Showing you the next opportunity for growth in areas of your life that are most needed.  Let my 15 years of dedicated training and experience help you with my powerful and accurate readings.

A. Dennett - Astrologer

Why Choose Us

When you have questions and need answers at a time that suits you, we are here. We realized that in today's world, it is not possible to visit a psychic, and this is why our psychic team worked with leading online software developers to deliver to you accurate readings and reports. Many of our readings are free for the initial report, to show you the quality of the reading. We thank you for putting our trust in us to help you on your path.

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